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Newsunn is a professional supplier for power distribution unit (PDU) , with more than 10 years in this industry. We invested in a big production base located in Cidong Industrial Zone, Cixi City, near Ningbo port. The whole factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with four buildings used for injection molding workshop, painting workshop, Aluminum machining workshop, Assembly workshop (including test room, packing room,etc.), and Warehouses for raw material, semi-finished products and finished products.

Our PDU Advantages

Learn more about Newsunn PDU features and you can build your own PDU easily.

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  • Design Advantages

    Design Advantages

    Advanced Connection Design
    Optimized internal structure design
    Flexible installation
    Internal high-performance insulation materials
  • Multiple Tests

    Multiple Tests

    Hi-pot test
    Aging test
    Load test
    Ground/insulation resistance test
  • Bespoke Solution

    Bespoke Solution

    A full range of outlet types
    Diversified control functions
    Visual display function


  • icon_list_contianer 30,000 square meters

    Factory scale

  • icon_list_contianer 200 workers

    Staff size

  • icon_list_contianer More Than 100 Worldwide


  • icon_list_contianer 1.2 Million

    Annual PDU Output

  • icon_list_contianer USD 15 Million

    Annual Output Value


Meet you in CIOE 6-8 Sept. 2023 SHENZHEN

Meet you in CIOE 6-8 Sept. 2023 SHENZHEN

Will you visit CIOE 2023 from September 6th to 8th in Shenzhen? Introduction CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition) exhibition in Shenzhen. CIOE is one of the largest and most influential optoelectronic events in the world. It typically takes place annually...
Intelligent PDUs vs. Basic PDUs

Intelligent PDUs vs. Basic PDUs

The main difference between basic PDUs (Power Distribution Units) and intelligent PDUs lies in their functionality and features. While both types serve the purpose of distributing power to multiple devices from a single source, intelligent PDUs offer additional capabilit...
What add-on function can you have on PDU?

What add-on function can you have on PDU?

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) typically have a variety of add-on ports or features depending on their design and intended use. While the specific features may vary between different PDU models and manufacturers, here are some common add-on ports you may find on PDUs: *...
How PDU is manufactured?

How PDU is manufactured?

The manufacturing process of PDUs (Power Distribution Units) typically involves several stages, including design, component assembly, testing, and quality control. Here's a general overview of the PDU manufacturing process: * Design and Specifications: The initial stage ...

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